Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Steam Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, many people are surprised to find out just how much of a difference a deep steam clean can make. With the experience of our technicians combined with the use of professional, truck-mounted equipment and effective cleaning solutions that are pet and child-safe, you can expect results that are nothing short of amazing.
You may not realize the difference that a truck-mounted system makes. But once you discover just how quickly the carpet dries after treatment, and then you can feel and smell the results — you know that you made the right choice. The higher temperature combined with the more powerful suction will remove more dirt, odors, and allergens than you can imagine.
We provide carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial customers in and around San Antonio, TX.

Our Proven Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1 - Pre-Inspection

While walking through your space with you, our technician will let you know what to expect. They will be honest about what can be done, including if there are any stains or marks may need special attention.

Step 2 - Commercial Dry Vacuum

We never take shortcuts and always do things the right way. This includes starting with a powerful commercial-grade dry vacuum. Removing as much dirt as possible and fluffing the carpet before steam cleaning, ensures the best results.

Step 3 - Commercial Dry Extraction Edging

We’re not just concerned about your carpets. We will make sure everything we do leaves your space cleaner. We will get the right tools in to vacuum edges and baseboards. This extracts existing dust that is not reachable by a traditional vacuum, to avoid leaving marks as we clean.

Step 4 - Furniture Moving

We have two different groups for furniture. Light furniture like sofas and tables are included in the basic price. Heavy furniture, like pianos, beds, desks, hutches, dressers, that can’t be moved safely must be dealt with before we arrive or will be cleaned around.

Step 5 - Pre-Spot

Years of experience help our skilled technicians identify spots and apply the right treatment. By applying a solution to help lift the mark, you get great results.

Step 6 - Pre-Spray Shampoo

To be certain the whole carpet is cleaned thoroughly, we use a special tool. It is a pressure powered automatic sprayer. This enables us to inject our special cleaning solution formula deep into the carpet fibers. This preconditioning agent boosts our ability to clean.

Step 7 - Pre-Grooming / Agitation

Our special tool works your carpet over to allow our cleaning solution to penetrate within the carpet pile. This agitation loosens the pile and works in the solution for even better results.

Step 8 - Shampoo Rinse Aid

As much as we try and keep costs down to remain competitive, we know better than to use the commonly used carpet solutions. Instead, we always apply a solution that is child and pet-friendly. And once we’re finished, it leaves no sticky residues or stiff, crunchy carpets from leaving shampoo trapped within your carpet. Our rinsing aid solution is designed to come back out.

Step 9 - Hot Steam Extraction

Only after we’ve applied our proven techniques to prepare your carpet, we bring out the big guns. Our heavy-duty, truck-mounted equipment delivers high-temperature steam. This means a deeper clean with less moisture. Then our truck is able to provide very powerful suction. This extraction process pulls out the dirt, bacteria, odors and moisture.

Step 10 - Post-Spot or Stain Inspection

We’re never satisfied until we’re sure that your carpet could not look better. Our technician will inspect the job looking for stubborn spots or stains. If they find anything, they will apply further treatments to improve them.

Step 11 - Wipe Down All Baseboards

We take responsibility for everything we do. Because the treatment process can leave a slight residue on baseboards and doorways, our technician remembers to wipe them down for you.

Step 12 - Post-Groom

We go over your freshly cleaned carpets with our post-grooming equipment. This lifts up the pile, making it feel soft again. It also helps in the drying and airing process.

Step 13 - Furniture Feet Tabs

Drying the carpets quickly is important for keeping the fresh new smell. Our technicians understand airflow and can identify those areas that need a bit of help. They’ll place a powerful fan to help these locations dry if necessary.

Step 14 - Speed-Dry

Carpet needs airflow to dry. And some furniture requires the carpet to be dry before resting its feet on it. Otherwise finished wood or metal feet might stain the carpet. Our convenient solution is to move the furniture back into place. Then we put styrofoam blocks or plastic square sheets under the feet. That way, once the airing process has finished, all you have to do is remove the protectors. No furniture moving required.

Step 15 - Post-Cleaning Inspection

This is the fun part for our technician — where they get to show off the result of their skills and hard work. They will happily walk you through and make certain that you are delighted with their work. They will also provide further advice on carpet care in your situation.

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